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FA-Q Liquids

Flavor & Quality

Fa-Q™ Vaping E-LIQUIDS are designed specifically for use in RDAs (Rebuildable Drip Atomizers) and are Max VG dripping liquids.

We do not add PG (propylene glycol) to our e-liquids, however some of the flavors do contain some PG.

Fa-Q™ uses premium ingredients, lab grade nicotine, and is developed, bottled, and distributed from our facility in Northern California.

All Fa-Q™ flavors are available in 0mg, 3mg, & 6mg, nicotine strengths.

Fauxstess Cupcakes:

Flavor Notes: Chocolate cupcake, chocolate fudge icing & a cream center

Often imitated but seldom duplicated. A treat you know and love. As you open the packaging a rush of intoxicating fragrances engulf your sense of smell: rich chocolate icing and dense chocolate cake with a smooth creamy filling. One bite turns to two. Before you know it… they're gone. This liquid is for those with discriminating taste and a need for dessert perfection. Look no further. You have found the Holy Grail.

Imperial Milk: 

Flavor Notes: Dragon fruit, berries & cream

With the final slash of your blade the last of your enemies falls and you are left alone on the battlefield, legions of samurai soldiers lay defeated at your feet. Out of the mist the Dragon King appears, just as you knew he would, to reward you with the mythical milk of the emperors. He presents to you the Imperial Milk, and the sweet, tangy aroma of dragon fruit engulfs you, smoothed out by a creamy, velvety finish. This is the nectar of the dragons, and with it you begin a new reign.



Miss Samoa:


Flavor Notes: Cookie, chocolate, caramel, & toasted coconut

As you traverse the Bakery Forest, a small female shaman greets you.  Her introduction includes the name, “Miss Samoa”. Handing you one of the treats she is carrying, she invites you to lose yourself in the experience. An explosion engulfs your taste buds: crunchy cookies layered with caramel and chocolate, powdered with coconut.



Funky Monkey:

Flavor Notes: Banana, strawberry, and sweet kiwi


As the sun rises in the misty jungle a monkey travels from tree to tree in search of the perfect fruit combination. Through his travels he finds his favorite flavors: bananas, kiwis and strawberries. As he proceeds to mash them together, he drinks the ambrosia of his labor. Becoming manic, he flies off again into the jungle, in search for more. This may very well be the perfect fruit blend.



Pink Nova:

Flavor Notes: Strawberry taffy / Candy

You're 3 weeks in to your deep space exploration mission en route to the Pink Solar System. Legend has it that the planets in this system are made of a delectable taffy like substance often described as tart strawberry. You approach the first planet in the system and as you step foot on this strange alien landscape, you find that the legends were true. This liquid is crafted using extracts from this alien planet, as nothing in this world could taste this good.


Guava Lava:

Flavor Notes: Guava & Lemon Grass

After a long day of studying the activity of a tropical volcano, you feel a troubling rumble. The volcano bursts and there is limited time to leave. The treat of being engulfed with molten rock is imminent. The eruption occurs, but this is like nothing before. What you assumed was magma is actually a thick, syrupy sweet liquid that is cool to the touch. As your instincts compel you, you dip a finger into this curious concoction. A flavor medley of Guava and Lemon Grass immerse your taste buds into bliss.





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    different taste

    Posted by Jake Dawson on 2nd Sep 2015

    Tasted good, first ive had like this. Really wanna try the guava lava!!